Linneman’s Riverwest Inn opened in the summer of 1993 after an intense eight month remodeling project. Owner Jim Linneman and carpenter friend Jim Gable set out to restore the 1902 character to the bar that had been lost over the years with previous remodeling efforts. The result successfully reestablished the turn-of-the century charm to the old tavern that had been hidden with “modernizing”. When adding “new” items to the club, every effort is made to keep the old world charm intact!

Being an intense lover of popular music, and a musician himself, Jim began operating acoustic open stages on Wednesday nights (an event that still takes place to this day!). Many of the performers who frequented the open stage either played in bands, or through repeated performances in front of an audience, improved enough to start one. Soon, Linneman’s began having live music on weekends. Some of these “open-stage” start-up bands ended up becoming very popular Milwaukee music mainstays.

One band that started here, the Mosley’s, ended up becoming one of the city’s most popular groups and had a three year run as the Thursday night house band. Sammy Llanas of the Bodeans pops up on Linneman’s stage when the time is right, and all members of the Violent Femmes have performed at Linneman’s, which is considered in musical circles, a smaller, but uniquely intimate concert venue.

Famous non-Milwaukeeans who have visited here include Ray Davies of the Kinks, Peter Tork of the Monkees, “I Feel like I’m Fixin’ to Die” original Woodstock legend Country Joe McDonald, , and famed British saxophonist Dick Parry (Pink Floyd, the Who) to mention a few.

Linneman’s is dedicated to maintaining and improving the great quality of music in the grand city of Milwaukee!