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  • Reality Something

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Reality Something is Elena Franklin, Kingsley Brock, Ethan Place, and Bill Grasley. The usual story is, they are an alternative rock band from Nashville, TN that you will probably like because they are very good.

Here is the more interesting story.

Imagine that all your life, you’ve done one thing. It doesn’t matter what it is – actor, singer, juggler, whatever – but you’ve been doing it all your life and you think you like it, but you have this creeping suspicion that maybe you just don’t know any different. And then one day, when you’re 23, you suddenly decide you’re gonna stop, cold turkey, and move across the country to a new city – let’s say, Nashville, TN – where you know a literal handful of people but they’re always on tour and you’re always at home. And suddenly not only are you alone (surrounded by a lot of guitars), but really, your whole identity is gone and you have to start all over.

That’s Reality Something, and that’s Life Noise.

Daydream Retrievers is a new project by former The Sleepwalkers frontman Ian Olvera. It has electric guitars, keyboards, and is not gluten free. Please consult your doctor before consuming.


September 20 @ 9:00 pm - 1:00 am

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