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  • Bristlehead Album Release

  • Lee's Cash & Carry

Bristlehead is a 4 piece rock/pop band out of Milwaukee, WI playing 99% original music and a few other things we like. Most of the original music was written by Mike Fredrickson ( .

The Bristlehead band name came out of one of his albums.
Mike Fredrickson, Vocals, bassist, guitars, songwriting Mike has had a long and pretty solid career as a musician and visual artist/painter.
Here’s a short history Performance History
2008 – present: Bassist for Paul Cebar
2002 – 2008: Bassist for Robbie Fulks
2000 – 2002: Bassist for El Supremo
1994 – 2002: Bassist for the Mosleys
1991 – 1993: Bassist for 9 Volt Jubilee
1986 – 1991: Bassist for the Spanic Boys
​2018: solo CD til the cows come home
2016: The Mosleys Bonafide and Pixelated CD
2015: solo CD After it’s Over
2013: MF Shuffle compilation CD
2012: solo CD Make it Stop
2010: solo CD Souvenirs
2007: Robbie Fulks CD Revenge (artist for the album cover art)
2006: solo CD Poor Freddy’s Almanac
2005: unreleased solo project, Hollywood Indians CD
​2004: Robbie Fulks CD Georgia Hard
​2003: solo CD Perfect Holiday
2002: The Mosleys Toast
2001: solo CD Songs from the Golden Calf
1999: solo CD Soul Butter and Hogwash
1998: The Mosleys Fair or Fowl
1996: The Mosleys Tested Recipes
1995: The Mosleys Stu
1994: The Mosleys debut CD
1993: 9 Volt Jubilee CD
1991: Spanic Boys Strange World
1989: Spanic Boys ll
1986: Spanic Boys debut CD ​​​
Dave Braun – Drums, vibes, sage advice
Dave has drummed for Mike Fredrickson since the early 90s, starting with the Mosleys. He’s also played with Robert Allen Jr Band, Alex Wilson, and Reverend Raven to name a few. Dave is also into computer graphics and has a studio called Hashbrauns Creative.
Bob Jennings – Keyboardist/Saxophonist/Accordionist/Vocalist
Multi-instrumentalist with The Salvador Foxx Band, Dan Grenier & The Hitters, The R&B Cadets, Blue In The Face, Semi Twang, and Paul Cebar & Tomorrow Sound, Bob has played with Paul Cebar from 1996 to the present.
Paul Cebar said of Bob in an August 2009 interview, “Bob Jennings, for 14 years my utility man on keyboards and saxophones allows me the luxury of transformation by providing the kind of textural variety that is usually the province of much larger bands.”
Jason Klagstad – guitars, backing vocals
Jason has been a member of numerous Wisconsin and nationally known musical groups, including several early bands with Bill Camplin, Tom Petty bassist Howie Epstein, Jerry Harrison, Arroyo, Color Radio, Semi Twang, and numerous others. Over the years, he’s also appeared on albums and film soundtracks with Peter Buffett
Lee’s Cash & Carry will open the night with a 30-minute set at 8pm.  $8 cover, or $15 admission with copy of CD!  Doors open at 7pm!


March 14, 2020 @ 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

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